Know what you'll find on our platform.

Convatec Class it’s a multican professional education platform hybrid and gamified (with scores) for the following areas of care and soon by App (iOS android) to treat technical-scientific knowledge:

– Prevention and Avanced Wounds Treatment
– Care in Estomias
– Critical care
– Care in Continence

Health professionals can explore the course section and events and filter according to the type of content.

It’s possible to filter for – and find courses of several levels of deep and duration. Besides, the courses dispense with videos, supporting materials, evaluation tools and contents.

The contents were drawn by the Convatec team and in some cases, in partnership of other scientific validation institutions. All these contents can count on the presence of opinion leaders, simulations and exclusive contents.
Convatec Class is a free platform of learning that supports in the areas of care to bring technical-scientific knowledge of better practices.

The main contents on the platform go beyond just videos; they count on a trail of learning thought of the health professional perfecting, with support materials, video appraisal. The hybrid approach can happen when the contents are connected to activities and educational programs offered.
The Convatec Class also offers space for discussion of contents, visiting individual knowledge through discussion with its pairs.

No Convatec Class you also find:

  • Partnery with societies and associations to generate and provide content based on value.
  • Free learning, not DA, of technical-cenic cune based on clinical evidence.
  • Opportunity of Interaction, learning and discussion with other health professionals.
  • Video class, support materials, learning trail and live events.
  • Certified with hours charge for complete activities.
  • Gamification and ranking among the participants who can surrender awards within the platform.

Be part of us and enjoy it!