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ConvaTec Class is a hybrid and gamified multi-channel professional education platform (with scores for users) available through the browser and soon through the App (in the Apple and Google Play stores) to address technical-scientific knowledge in the following attention areas: – Advanced wound prevention and treatment – Ostomy care – critical care – Continence care Healthcare professionals can browse the courses and events section and filter by content type It is possible to filter by “care areas” and find routes of different levels of depth and duration. In addition, the courses have video lessons, support materials, evaluation tools and content gamification. The contents were created by the ConvaTec team and, in some cases, in collaboration with other scientific validation institutions. All this content can count on the presence of opinion leaders, simulations and exclusive content. ConvaTec Class is a free learning platform that is based on focus areas to provide scientific-technical knowledge of best practices. The main content of the platform goes beyond videos; they have a learning itinerary designed for the improvement of the health professional, with support materials, video classes and learning evaluation. The hybrid approach can occur when the contents are linked to face-to-face educational activities and programs that are offered. ConvaTec Class also offers a space for content discussion, with the aim of improving individual knowledge through discussion with peers. Join us and enjoy! Partner with societies and associations to generate and deliver values-based content. Free technical-scientific learning, non-promotional, based on clinical evidence. Opportunity for interaction, learning and discussion with other health professionals. Video lessons, support materials, learning path and live events. Certificate with workload for completed activities. Gamification and ranking among the participants who can win prizes within the platform.

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